SGMP Turns AI:

AI Website Strategy,
Brand Storytelling

"Think Simple, Think Logic"

Revolutionizing Corporate
Websites and AI Productions

The SGMP Innovation


This shift not only positions us as a media academy, but also allows us to establish ourselves as content creators for the corporate and e-commence website and AI video production.

Through this, we aim to provide brands from various industries with the tools and guidance they need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of brand establishment.

Our Commitment:


The strong and compelling storytelling of companies and brands, along with the presentation of their big data, plays a crucial role on below-the-line social platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. These platforms enable live streaming, effective customer interaction, and encourage the sharing of various videos and media content.

The backbone of these brand messages is reflected in the continuous enhancement of the company's website, which showcases high-quality and engaging content, as well as professional information that solidify the brand's attractiveness.


At SGMP, we recognize the significance of this transition. We are fully committed to providing brands with a transformative experience by utilizing AI technology with our strong content creativities.

SGMP turns AI

You probably won't be able to find this handsome guy. He can speak different languages from all over the world, just ask him to.

No need for scripts, rehearsals, or worry about mispronunciations.

From writing to voice-over translation, he can handle it effortlessly.
Forgot to mention, he didn't always look like this.

Pretty cool, huh?

SGMP is a great storyteller. The client wants a branded website design, and not just one, but three. I mean, they want the website to be available in three different languages, with the same content.

From start to finish, SGMP only had very limited information. All they knew was that this brand originated from Tibet. The plot is even less exciting than a movie's storyline, with just a few photos and unknown models. There's no chance for auditions. But thanks to artificial intelligence, hey, it actually came together!

To effectively engage with online users, SGMP suggests to its clients to showcase their content editors on their website. This not only emphasizes the brand's story and mission to communicate with internet users, but also includes in-depth coverage of user interactions with the brand's products through the "Customer Feedback" section. Additionally, the corporate website invites influencers to provide endorsements and support for the products. This comprehensive strategy helps to establish a strong reputation and loyal user base among the vast online community.

Users Feedback and Statistics

SGMP collected nearly 1000 pieces of user feedback data from the clients and conducted data analysis using ChatGPT. We analyzed the users' professional background, reasons for using the product, and the effects they experienced, gaining in-depth insights into the users' suggestions and affirmations towards the product. This analysis would have been a massive undertaking in the past, but with the help of AI data analysis, despite the complexity of the process, the statistical data provides valuable strategic insights for clients.

experiences with the brand

SGMP collated groups of influencers engaged by clients to authentically reflect on their experiences with various brands. By categorizing the different views and opinions of these influencers, brands were able to objectively receive users' personal experiences with the products as well.

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